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Matters Collective.

Realtime Composing with Sign Language.

We have spent the last 3 years exploring the potential of  live composing through sign language. In 2009, after the first meeting with Walter Thompson, I gathered some musician friends to try out what soon began to look like a very powerful live performance tool.

A way to compose, create, in the moment, with a real meaning to let every member of an orchestra some space to say what they have to say, and establish a precise communication.

What Matters is the Moment, definitely.

We applied sign language to some various multidisciplinary experiences, and a lot of great work with Matters has been done by some 50 talented artists.

Today, we are proud to present our different creations. They all look different. Have an ear at our sounds, have a look at our tour dates, pictures and video, and come and meet us soon.

Augustin de Bellefroid
Artistic Director 
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