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About us


    Matters has spent the last 3 years exploring the potential of live composing through sign language. In 2009, after the first meeting with Walter Thompson (Soundpainting), Augustin de Bellefroid gathered some musician friends to try out what soon began to look like a very powerful live performance tool.

    A way to compose, create, in the moment, with a real meaning to let every member of an orchestra some space to say what they have to say, and establish a precise communication.

    What Matters is the Moment, definitely.

    We applied sign language to some various multidisciplinary experiences, and a lot of great work with Matters has been done by some 50 talented artists (Théâtre National/Festival des Libertés, Théâtre Varia/Semaine du Son, Wolubilis, Nuit Blanche 2011, tournée des Médiathèques,etc.).

    We have been supported by many people and associations, that we want to thank again greatly.

    With this season’s new creations, we definitely are ready to go for more, in all kinds of directions. We will keep on working with sign languages, and multidisciplinary live composing.


  • Here’s just a list for now, of all the artists that are part of one of Matters Collective’s actual creations, MATTERS and SYSMO. Soon will come the photos and bios.

    Augustin de Bellefroid – Direction
    Cyrille de Haes – Bass
    Benoit Leseure – Violin
    Marine Horbaczewski – Cello
    Laurent Blondiau – Trumpet
    François Lourtie – Saxophones
    Yann Lecollaire – Clarinettes
    Joao Lobo – Drums
    Pak Yan Lau – Keyboards
    Mathieu Calleja – Drums and soundscapes
    Veronica Campos – Shekere, triangle
    Tadzio Baudoux – Surdos, sabar
    Mathieu Calleja – Sabar, surdos
    Guillaume Codutti – Congas
    Esinam Dogbatse – Bells, shakers
    Romain Duykaerts – Djembe
    Cyrille Peltre – Duns
    Etienne Serck – Shakers, congas
    Cédric Tassin – Djembe
    Jean Gnonlonfoun – Surdos, sabar
    Gwenaël Dedonder – Bells, Steel Drum
    Davy Palumbo – Sabar, surdo
    Lama Moise – Congas